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Adwa Mountain
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The Ancient Town of Adwa





Adwa Landmark will build seven letters which will be constructed in an area totaling 1050 square meters. The name Adwa that is written on aluminum reflector will be displayed on 700 square meters on the mountain of Adwa.

Including the structures which will be made from angle iron, the Adwa Landmark will be the first of its kind in Africa and the biggest one next to HOLLYWOOD in Los Angeles, USA. The structure design, which is estimated to cost some 200,000 Birr alone, is done for free by construction Design Share Company. This website becomes real by the support of President Girma W/Giorgis, we deeply appreciate his kind and invaluable assistance for this project.


President Girma W/Giorgis
Overseeser of the Project

Ambassador Mohamud Dirr

Ethiopian News Agency (ENA)
Minster calls for assistance to Adwa Landmark Project

Culture and tourism minister Ambassador Mohamud Drir stressed the need to support efforts in establishing a permanent historical heritage of Adowa, an area where Ethiopian heroes/heroines defeated the Italian aggression. He said “everybody is duty-bound to Support the Adowa Landmark Project”



Professor Bahru Zewde


Professor Bahru Zewde

Few other events have defined modern Ethiopian history as the victory over Italian colonialism at the Battle of Adwa has done. In a singular show of national unity, Ethiopian forces led by Emperor Menilek and Empress Taytu inflicted a humiliating defeat over the aggressor.


Dr. Tewolde Berhan
Gebre Egziabher

The  Adwa Landmark project aims  to point out Adwa from the distance, including from the air. Nature has already marked  the landscape with many  cone-like mountains that  tower higher  up than any man-made structure will ever reach. These  mountains are home to a diversity of plants and animals, with people farming their plots in the inter-twining valleys. The project is thus ambitious in aiming to compete for visibility.



Professor Legesse Negaash

"The Historic Adwa Landmark and the urgent need for restoring Adwa Mountains."

The battle of Adwa, fought between the invading fascist Italy and the defending Emperor Menelik II in February/March 1896, was victoriously concluded thanks to the heroism, determination, and patriotism of our forefathers. However, unlike the situation of the late 19th century, Ethiopia and its current generation are faced with totally different and insidious enemies unprecedented environmental deterioration and climate change.

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